Energy Projects

Minify is an all-in-one turnkey installer of energy efficiency projects that help you save money by saving energy.  We identify, prioritize and implement projects from start to finish.  Think of us as a general contractor of energy efficiency projects.

Our knowledge of rebates, grants and low-interest financing options mean that we guarantee that you will realize all the benefits that other providers often miss.

Our mantra is “If this were our building, what would we do?“.  We always have our clients long-term interests in mind.  Our goal is to work together to save energy and we want to be the company you continually turn to for future energy project needs.


Leveraging the latest lighting industry technologies and only using the highest quality suppliers of LED lighting and controls, Minify provides improved lighting while maximizing energy savings.  We focus on quality and value while improving the look and feel of your spaces.


Often the highest opportunity for energy savings lies in how buildings control their HVAC systems.  As technologies advance and control systems become smarter, the ability to both save energy and improve comfort and controllability by occupants becomes more possible.  Minify and our partners work with your facility staff and management team to implement the most functional and accessible controls systems that maximize savings, reduce energy waste and improve the comfort of the occupants.


With a focus on solar photovoltaic projects, Minify energy has years of experience helping clients navigate and implement solar projects for their buildings.  Minify has carefully alligned itself with only the most reputable suppliers and installers to guarantee optimal energy generation, customer service and project support.


If your HVAC systems are inefficient or nearing end of life, Minify has the equipment suppliers and expert industry installers to provide you with systems that are “right-sized”, most efficient and longest lasting so you can rest easy that you are making the most valuable long-term investment.  


For many building owners, particularly those who operate multi-family buildings, water can be the highest utility bill you pay.  Minify proposes projects that reduce your water bills while still maintaining optimal plumbing needs.