Minify Energy Launches Minify Impact for Safer & Healthier Buildings

Minify Energy is excited to share the launch of Minify Impact, a new business operation focused on health, disaster response and social initiatives.  This new division builds upon Minify Energy’s mission of improving energy efficiency and sustainability, further emphasizing the triple-bottom-line benefits of People, Planet and Profit.

As stay-home orders gradually lift and people return to offices, stores and other buildings, a “new normal” of safety and operational processes are needed to assure confidence from management and tenants alike. Supporting building-readiness guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Minify Impact is providing services and technologies focused on improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), disinfection and pathogen abatement.  The result is increased levels of safety, health and wellness of our indoor environments. 

“Dilution and extraction ventilation, pressurization, airflow distribution and optimization, mechanical filtration, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), and humidity control are effective strategies for reducing the risk of dissemination of infectious aerosols in buildings and transportation environments.” – CDC Guidance for Infection Control 

Minify Impact offers building assessments and implementation of HVAC improvements and surface disinfection technologies to minimize pathogen risk such as COVID-19 and to optimize environments for healthy operations:

  • HVAC Controls: Sensing, monitoring and advanced controls provide the ability to optimize settings and sequences to improve air-quality.  These controls factor in occupancy, recommended ventilation rates, humidity, and pressure management, as well as monitoring particulate matter (PM), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and CO2 levels. One HVAC control solution offered, 75F, now features “Epidemic Mode” with one-button changeover to COVID19-compliant sequences.
  • Bi-Polar Ionization (BPI): An easy retrofit in-duct solution with multiple benefits, BPI is scientifically proven by leading EPA and FDA sanitizing laboratories to be 99.9% effective in disabling viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and mold spores so they cannot reproduce or infect people.  This affordable technology floods the space with charged Ions, attacking viruses and bacteria while also significantly reducing PMs, VOCs and odors.  Additional benefits include a potential 15-30% reduction in HVAC costs as well as reduced filter and coil maintenance.  
  • UV Light Disinfection: Minfy Impact offers a variety of solutions featuring ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, scientifically proven to be effective against COVID-19 and other pathogens;
    • UV installed in HVAC ducting reduces pathogens in the air-supply as well as mold and bacteria buildup in coils
    • Far UV-C lights, safe for human exposure, provide direct continuous disinfection in high-traffic areas, effectively reducing airborne and surface pathogens
    • More powerful mobile UV units are used to disinfect unoccupied areas, particularly useful in the healthcare and transportation sectors
  • Air Filtration: The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) notes that some filters are able to remove particles that contain SARS-CoV-2 virus. Minify Impact offers filter specification, sales, installation and ongoing service to optimize air filtration and associated HVAC systems.

Based on the overwhelming scientific evidence, these solutions will dramatically reduce pathogens, improve indoor environment quality, and inspire confidence into our workplaces and shared public spaces, both near and long term.

Minify Impact is working with a host of organizations, building types and occupancy scenarios to assure safer, healthier environments. From senior-living facilities to commercial office buildings, retail stores, public spaces and churches, owners and tenants alike are seeking to restore confidence in their safety.

With the driving principles of Minify Energy as our origin we seek to constantly consider energy efficiency while understanding the critical importance of human safety.  And, we seek to implement solutions that offer both near and long-term value in managing both health and energy.

Beyond our building-focused sustainability efforts, Minify Impact is also involved in humanitarian and health solutions ranging from water purification to solar-power for mobile medical and disaster relief applications.

About Minify Energy

Minify Energy is an energy-efficiency project implementation firm dedicated to helping organizations reduce energy consumption and costs, while simplifying the process. Thus, the name: Minimize + Simplify = Minify. Our process begins with an initial building energy assessment. We identify potential projects, prioritize them based on payback, and manage implementation, maximizing incentives and facilitating financing – making Minify Energy your one-stop turnkey partner.  Our areas of focus include advanced HVAC controls, mechanical equipment, lighting, water conservation, renewables, EV charging and utility bill audits. Minify Energy is a mission-driven organization dedicated to positively impacting climate change and communities by improving the energy efficiency, environmental quality and value of buildings for owners and tenants.